jeudi 16 avril 2015

What's our goal?

Our support centre, Green Apple, is only composed of people who have been already affected of greenophobia. We've all tested our tricks and technics and all of those that are on this web page work.
The staff was all affected and now they've got over it because of our help and now they want to help you. So if you've got any questions or comments, you can put them below! 

Good luck!

You're not the olny one!

This graphic shows than you're not the only one, there's a bit more than half  the entire population is affected by greenophobia.

Tricks To Get Over Your Fear

Here are some tricks to get over your fear:

1st step: You can do some little things  like looking at the fishs at left of this article. When you see the green one, you HAVE TO continue watching it. You can also look at the images down this article.

2nd step: You can change your background for a green one. So you'll can watch it every day.

3rd step: You can go outdoor and just relax  on  the grass.

Continue! You're almost done! ;)

4th step: When you see some green things, just go touch it and watch it...

Now, you aren't suposed to be afraid of green anymore!

If you're too much stressed, you can look at the dogs at left on home button!

mercredi 15 avril 2015

Symptoms Of Greenophobia

You can't eat green apples, eat Starbucks, can't get in class because of the green boards and when your parents ask you to go outside, you can't because of the grass.  You're so scared that you just freak out... Your heart pounds, you shake, you have trouble breathing... Here, you will find what's the problem with you! If you've got some or all of those symptoms, you are probably greenophobic. On this web page, you will find how to get over it. If you go on the links, you'll find some tricks and information on this phobia.